10 Best Action Movies of 2017

Action movies are available in different flavors and types. From super-powered destruction, military action to brutal brawls, people have different tastes and preferences. Furthermore, the action movie industry is no longer about movies meant to dominate the box office. Instead, they produce movies meant to entertain people throughout the year. The plots are also varied, from characters on the run, people seeking revenge, fighting terrorism and bare-knuckle combat fights. With that said, here are 10 of the best movies of the year 2017 in the action category.


If you are looking for a movie that combines gun fights, martial action, and car chases, then Dunkirk is just the right one. Christopher Nolan, who directed this film, did a great job in capturing the minds of action movie enthusiasts.

Baby Driver

This movie features a young and talented driver with a specialty in escapes. Baby Driver, is always listening to music and his mood depends on the soundtrack playing on his earphones. Apart from skids and endless action, Baby Driver also features a spectacular soundtrack as well as everything else that you would have asked in a great action movie.

Wonder Woman

Netflix is a powerhouse when it comes to films and TV shows and this one did not disappoint. Some critics may argue that some scenes appear far-fetched or the storyline is not consistent. However, the gun play and the car action scenes are enough to silence all critics.


Also known as Wolverine in some movies, Logan is renowned for his great power, pure physicality and dangerous movements. As much as he might appear tired and older in this film, his claws have never been sharper.

John Wick (Chapter II)

If you loved John Wick (I), then you are definitely going to love this one. The movie is entertaining and frantic, featuring spectacular action scenes, where John Wick embarks on a trip to Rome to fight some of the most dangerous assassins in the world.

Wolf Warrior (II)

Wolf Warrior (II) was a true box office movie since it was released. It dominated major charts in Asia, especially in China, earning over $800 million in the country alone. As the highest every earning film in China, it features continuous action from start to finish.

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde has squashed any doubts that people had over action movies. Wonder Woman, played by Charlize Theron proves herself capable in dealing with some of the most dangerous threats, using fists, feet and car action.

Blade of the Immortal

Takashi Miike has featured in more than 100 films and the Blade of the Immortal reflects his seasoned acting prowess. As much as it may not hit the levels attained by his other film the 13 Assassins, you cannot take away anything from this film. From the fights to the camera action, Miike never disappoints.

The Villainess

South Koreans are renowned for martial arts and sword fights and this movie is a reflection of that. With Atomic Blonde, Wonder Woman and this one, it seems like females are stepping up when it comes to action movie lead roles.

Kingsman (the Golden Circle)

The first Kingsman film was a delight to watch and the second installment doesn’t disappoint. It features plenty of stylistic action, humor as well endearing of characters. Some scenes might appear unrealistic. However, it’s overall a great movie to watch.