How to Reduce Pain When Playing Paintball

A paintball player understands that it hurts and being hit with a paintball can tingle quite a bit. The entire body workout involved in playing paintball can as well leave your body aching. If you love paintballing, you definitely want to enjoy the game and tolerating too much pain isn’t part of the fun. There are things you can wear and do before you start playing to reduce the pain. Here are some of the best practices and precautions to observe in order to reduce the pain while playing paintball.

Protect your neck

It is vital to cover the most sensitive areas such as the neck. A collared shirt will protect your neck from getting hit by the paintball. In fact, for extra protection, you can also purchase a sturdy neck protector. It can be very painful when a ball bounces off your larynx.

Build up some muscles

Remember,soft tissue can sustain bruises easily. But, when you have muscles, it will be easier to adapt external stresses. Moreover, with stronger muscles, you can reduce the chance of sustaining injuries when you make certain moves such as diving, dashing and jumping.

Change your perception about the pain

You need to use your perception as a tool to reduce the pain while paintballing. If you don’t think about it too much, you won’t have to worry about it any longer. In other words, instead of thinking about how getting hit hurts, you should appreciate how stronger and tougher you’re getting. You should focus on overcoming obstacles and emerging out as a winner on top.

You should also try to take out enough time to meditate before the game starts. In your meditation, try to imagine the game and visualize yourself coming out on top before it happens. When you have an idea of what to expect, you get more prepared to endure the pain, and you won’t be fearful. Do things like listening to music or jogging around to get your blood flowing before the game in order to reduce the pain of a paintball impact.

Wear Layers or Padding

You can cushion the impact of a paintball that hits you by wearing layers or padding. If it gets too hot, you can simply take off a layer and continue enjoying your game as you minimize the pain as much as possible. Bring a backup padding, in case you may want to take off too many layers. If you can’t afford official padding, you can alternatively use materials such as bubble wrap. Also, use gloves to protect your hands and improve your grip on the marker.

Take Ibuprofen

Although medication may not take away the pain of being hit with a paintball, it will significantly reduce the aches. Ibuprofen works by preventing your body from producing prostag land in, which is responsible for triggering pain symptoms resulting from inflammation, fever, etc. Hence, when you take Ibuprofen before playing paintball you lessen the aching that comes after the game. However, you should be careful to avoid taking too many, especially if you play paintball often.


While it might be a bit painful to beginners, it is a sign that you’re getting good at the game and your body is typically becoming stronger. Apart from following the rules of the game, it’s a tactical idea to try and reduce the pain. And, the more you play the more you master the game and develop heightened tolerance to the pain.